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Trace: software

Software Installation

Install MatchID Software

Minimal requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher
  • .Net 4.6.1
  • Camera driver*
  • NI-DAQmx 15.5*
* Only for MatchID Grabber. More information can be found on the Hardware Drivers page


  1. For customers who already have previous versions of the package, please uninstall all previous versions of the packages you wish to reinstall.
  2. Make sure all components of the Minimal Requirements list are installed. Instructions for installing drivers can be found in section MatchID Hardware Drivers.
  3. Download the required packages from our website: Download page.
  4. Run the downloaded *.msi file(s) of the MatchID package(s) you want to install.
  5. Make sure that your dongle is updated before running MatchID. See License Manager for more information on how to update your dongle. Note that a yearly renewal of your dongle license is needed!

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