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Welcome to MatchID

Thank you for choosing MatchID as your digital image correlation platform! First, some basic information regarding your software before you get started.

MatchID License

The box you received is your starter pack that contains your license dongles. Keep them safe!! Without these dongles, you will not be able to use the MatchID software. Removing the dongle while using MatchID will result in a software shutdown.

Normally, every customer receives two dongles:

  • Red dongle: contains the MatchID grabber for experimental setup, camera communication and data acquisition. Additionally, all your purchased modules for post-processing are included. As such, this is a fully operational dongle generally used in the lab.
  • Black dongle: contains only the post-processing modules.
WARNING: For safety reasons, each license dongle is valid for one year only. If needed, e.g. for a perpetual license, your dongle has to be updated yearly. This is done through our license manager, please see License Manager for more information on the updating process.
There is also the possibility to buy a dongle with a floating license. This dongle allows you to use our software on several PC's in the same network with only one dongle. Please contact us at if you would have more queries regarding this.

MatchID Software


In this wiki you can find the latest MatchID License Manager, the MatchID Manual, tutorials and other information. You can also find FAQ or request support.

Log in using your user credentials provided in the inside of your USB License Key box.

WARNING: The first time you log in, your credentials are given in your welcome letter. It is advised that you update your information and password. If you do not know your log in details or password, contact

Get the MatchID Software

  1. Check your current license: In order to use the MatchID Software, you will need to have a valid license. Please use the MatchID License Manager to check your current license. The license manager can be downloaded from the portal on our website and the instructions on how to use the license tool can be found under License Manager.
  2. Download the latest MatchID Software from the portal on our website. Note that you can also download older versions but you can only use the versions that are allowed by your dongle.
  3. Install/Update the latest release: Once you have downloaded the packages you are interested in, follow the installation instructions.
When using the MatchID Grabber, please give special attention to the installation of the drivers.

Use MatchID

Once you have successfully installed the software, you can now plug your dongle into the computer and launch the matchID software.

Please keep in mind that the dongle needs to be present at all times to enable smooth functioning of the software.

If you have any questions regarding the software, the wiki offers a software manual, demo material and interactive tutorials to get you started along with some FAQ. If these don't provide enough help you can get in touch with us at and we will be with you as soon as possible.

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