New Release V2020.1

01/01 - 00h00

Release V2020.1 includes the following new available features:

  • Reporting tool: Direct generation of a report document in various formats (word, latex) containing an overview of all statistics and processing settings. Ready for import into your journal publication or engineering report.
  • Full-batch mode: Full-batch mode processing of our finite-element validation strategy, incorporating image deformation (FEDEF) and fe-validation processing (FEVAL).
  • MatchID apps: Various apps for advanced custom-made processing.
  • Thermal integration: Integration of thermal data with your DIC-data point cloud.
  • Grid method: The grid pattern does no longer require perfect horizontal/vertical alignment. An angled grid combined with non-integer pitch values gives you much more setup flexibility.
  • Image grabber: In case a triggerbox is connected: fatigue grabbing mode capturing images at predefined peak-intervals.

Discover the new release here!