New Release V2020.2

03/07 - 00h00

MatchID 2020.2 is out now! The newest release offers a cornucopia of novel features, including amongst others:

  • a fully integrated wiki operational in offline mode providing a plethora of tutorials and theory instructions/details.
  • a considerably faster and more accurate full-bundle approach for camera calibration.
  • a full redesign of the FEDEF-module with much faster image deformation processing and more intuitive alignment procedures.
  • a seamless feature to directly upload acquisition data with your images. Sort images and/or select image range according to external signal intervals.
  • the possibility to store data as Simcenter Testlab *.ldsf format for advanced modal analysis.
  • a vibration module allowing to reconstruct a response signal from a steady-state excitation. This allows to analyze high frequency tests via quasi-static cameras operating in the few Hz range.
  • camera and analog breakout functionalities enabling an unlimited number of cameras to be connected and a maximum of 16 analog in channels.
Download MatchID 2020.2