Webinar 2020/2: Vibration measurements with basic DIC hardware

20/05 - 16h00

Webinar 2020/2: Vibration measurements with basic DIC hardware, May 20, 2020 at 4pm CEST

MatchID now conducts live and open interactive webinars suitable for anyone with or without any prior DIC knowledge. These webinars take you on a 45min-journey to a specific MatchID product illustrating its capacities towards a plethora of applications.

This webinar will cover the following subjects: 

  • Digital image correlation for vibration measurements: pitfalls and solutions
  • How to adopt our custom made triggerbox for unlimited camera triggering and signal capturing
  • Extend low-speed camera frame rate limitations towards the few kHz range: combine dense spatial and temporal resolution
  • Operational Deflection Shapes
  • Real-life example on an F16 aircraft

Register for this webinar or send an email to registration@matchid.eu.