Webinar 2020/1: App store

22/01 - 16h00

Webinar 2020/1: App store, January 22, 2020 at 4pm CET

MatchID now conducts live and open interactive webinars suitable for anyone with or without any prior DIC knowledge. These webinars take you on a 45min-journey to a specific MatchID product illustrating its capacities towards a plethora of applications.

Discover in this webinar how our  App store aims at providing custom processing of MatchID data outside the MatchID platform. No more need to store your data on your hard disk, reimport them in an external application and deal with annoying file format issues. We have created a seamless data-sharing flow with third party programming languages (Matlab, Python, .NET, …) enabling you to directly operate on your DIC data without unneeded file exporting. As such, you can develop and debug in your preferred and familiar scripting interface without the obligation to adopt to a new syntax.

Moreover, your developed program can be easily compiled and published as a MatchID application. Accordingly, it will be standardly integrated within the MatchID GUI ready for future usage with other experimental data. Furthermore, since “sharing is caring” is key within the MatchID philosophy, you can distribute this application to colleagues or even the entire community via our online App Store.

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