Lecture 3

Lecture 3: 2D uncertainty quantification (duration:2h)



  • Digging deeper into 2D DIC and experimental setup issues


  • UQ terminology for DIC
  • Speckles and lighting: how to obtain the ideal DIC images
  • What is aliasing and how to avoid it?
  • A DIC Game show
  • Impact of non-perpendicular camera alignment
  • Impact of out-of-plane motion
  • Impact of camera motion
  • How does air turbulence influences my images?
  • Impact of lens distortions
  • Concepts of metrology
  • Displacements and strains: resolution vs. signal reconstruction
  • A DIC convergence study
  • An attempt to quantify spatial resolution
  • Practical setup guidelines in a 2D DIC setup



  • The trainee is provided with a roadmap how to setup a 2D DIC experiment and has a good knowledge on possible error sources and how to avoid them