Analysis packages

Once your experiment is properly configured and images are correctly captured and stored, you can then analyse and correlate the images using any of the standard provided processing methodologies:

2D DIC for basic experiments

  • Only 1 camera needed
  • For in-plane experiments
  • On flat specimens with a perpendicular camera alignment
  • Apply Local (subset-based) or Global (mesh-based) DIC

Download datasheet (pdf)

Stereo-vision for more demanding tests

  • For any test involving out-of-plane motion
  • For structural component testing
  • 2 camera bases for stereo-vision

Download datasheet (pdf)

True multi-cam for a complete 360° capture

  • Direct calibration of 3 or more cameras involved
  • Individually identify and position each camera in space
  • Reduce the number of cameras needed for a complete 360° capture

Download datasheet (pdf)

2D GRID Method

  • For analysis of fringe images
  • (much) better spatial resolutions than DIC
  • Perfect for relatively small strains


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