Configure the direct interaction with the camera (or cameras) through the MatchID Grabber

  • Available for quasi-static experiments
  • Also comes in a high-speed version

The first can be used in combination with a vast array of the most common industrial cameras, whereas the upgrade to the high-speed version allows the Grabber to be used in combination with a range of high-speed cameras.

Run experiments in optimal conditions

The Grabber is a flexible module that allows:

  • Interfacing through the most common methodologies
  • Synchronized data triggering and logging
  • Through some of the most commonly used DAQs

Moreover, it includes easy-to-handle alignment tools as it gives direct metrological information in relation to the applied speckle pattern as:

  • Local histogram information
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Suggested minimal subset size

Synchronise your DIC-experiment with your Test System or perform real-time full-field tracking

Our Live Experimental Feedback (LEF) module offers you:

  • Live control of your Test System through DIC measurements (e.g. strain based experiment control)
  • Real-time correlation to visualise the evolution of your DIC test (real-time full-field tracking)

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Rely on our expert support

Contact us to discuss the trade-off between specifications and result, and to find the most suitable combination for your experiment control or for your real-time correlation.

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