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MatchID Documentation

New to MatchID? Get some fundamental information here before you get started.

Welcome to the MatchID documentation where the users can view the basic options in the MatchID software, get full access to interactive user manuals, learn all about DIC and VFM using the manual modules and tutorials, request technical support, and even obtain intense training materials such as educational DIC courses, and intensive webinar videos. Hereby, we underline our tagline of the company “Metrology beyond colors” by paying specific attention to the training and quantitative interpretation capacities of our users.

Note: The MatchID Portal is for MatchID Customers only. If you are a customer and do not know your login or password, contact

Structure of this wiki

  • Software:
    • Install/update the software
    • Install drivers for the MatchID Software
    • Update the license on your dongle
  • Interactive manual:
    • Manual for the software and modules
    • Tutorials
    • Practical guides
  • Training:
    • Theoretical sessions
    • Lab sessions
    • Videos

About this wiki

The purpose of this wiki is to provide the reader with an overview of the basic options in the MatchID software. MatchID is not just a DIC platform but a full-field metrological tool that strives to focus on:

  • Accuracy and precision
  • Prediction of accurate confidence margins
  • Quantification of resolution and spatial resolution
  • Seamless integration with Virtual Fields Method (VFM) for material identification
  • Quantification of DIC errors/settings on the identified mechanical properties
  • Optimization of test set-ups.

We pride ourselves in our more involved and robust algorithms to achieve the high performance results.

This tutorial is a wizard to guide the users through the different options of the software in obtaining successful results. For definition and details of DIC and VFM, please refer to the available literature for our specialized DIC courses:

The user will get familiar with the concept of the software packages and its various modules available to the user on a step-by-step basis and by carefully selected demos and examples.

The software packages can be sub-divided into:

  • MatchID Grabber: Grabber for synchronized frame capturing.
  • MatchID Highspeed Grabber: Grabber for highspeed cameras (currently supporting Phantom, with Photron on the way and Ix providing a dedicated MatchID grabber).
  • MatchID 2D: framework for single camera DIC.
  • MatchID Calibration: framework to calibrate a single or stereo camera setup (with the possibility of a large scale, independent calibration).
  • MatchID Stereo: framework for stereovision DIC.

Additionally, with the 2D & Stereo DIC packages, various optional modules may also be implemented, which currently include:

  • Performance Analysis: convergence study of signal versus noise performance according to user settings.
  • Virtual Fields Module: module for material identification and stress quantification (elastic, plastic, hyperelastic, viscoelastic and viscoplastic models are supported).
  • FEA Deformation: module for numerical deformation of images according to finite element displacement fields.
  • FEA Validation: module for validation of finite element simulations.
  • Multi Module: module for performing a multi-camera set up (no limit on the amount of cameras).
  • Sinusoidal Image deformation module: module to deform images to analyze spatial resolution (only in 2D).
  • Speckle generator: module for generating a speckle pattern that can be printed from a *.pdf file.
  • Results Database: export your result analysis as a single password protected file and share with third parties. More info can be found here.

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