Full-field deformation measurement tools designed for a complete engineering analysis

Quantitative imaging techniques to assess materials and structures

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MatchID offers non-contact imaging techniques (DIC & Grid) to retrieve mechanical and kinematical data at the surface of complex objects under any kind of loading. Our techniques combine both dense spatial and temporal information, applicable from small to large scales. This allows to assess and validate the local mechanical behaviour of both materials and structures.

Modular Structure

While the MatchID platform can be used simply as a measurement tool, it expands on this by seamless integrating the identification of mechanical properties and quantitatively validating numerical models based on the captured images. Our modular structure allows for a customized platform composition,  100% adopted to your specific application.


The MatchID solution is a fully open and flexible engineering platform, invoking advanced algorithms that generate quantitative and accurate results with integrated error assessment. Combined with a strong emphasis on documentation, user training and guidance, this allows  to get the most profound insights into  test results.

  • True digital twin - direct model validation
  • Identify  mechanical material properties
  • Integrated modal analysis
  • Advanced documentation and training

A modular structure adjusted to your needs

Looking for a meticulous DIC-solution? Or do you aim for optimization and validation from start to end of your design and development cycle?

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