Experiment Registration


QS-GRABBER: Quasi-Static Grabber

  • Integrates with AVT and Flir PointGrey Cameras
  • Software or hardware trigger-mode
  • Synchronization via MatchID Triggerbox
  • Data acquisition via NI-USB devices
  • MatchID's break-out unit allows to invoke an unlimited amount of cameras

HS-GRABBER: High-Speed Grabber

  • Integrates with Phantom Cameras and solutions for iX Cameras

Download datasheet (pdf)

Optimized experimental images

Both our quasi-static and high-speed grabber solutions include dedicated tools to optimize your experimental imaging setup:

  • Live Histogram
  • Over-exposure indication
  • Live speckle analysis
  • Camera alignment tools
  • Live camera noise
  • Lens focusing tools
  • Aliasing indicators
  • Grid pitch tool

LEF: Live Experimental Feedback

  • Live control of your Test System through DIC measurements (e.g. strain-based experiment control)
  • Real-time correlation to visualise the evolution of your DIC test (real-time full-field tracking) or video-extensometry

Download datasheet (pdf)

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